Caputron Black Friday - Cyber Monday Deals

Happy Thanksgiving from caputron. Enjoy these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals plus free shipping on orders over $25*. For a product page of discounted products click here.

Specials 11/26/15 - 12/1/15

tDCS Ultra

$50 off the tDCS Ultra basic and ultimate starter kits. tDCS ultra is the industry standard in tDCS technology. It is the first research grade commercially available tDCS device. Pre-order your device now to receive the promotional price. Expected ship date of first batch is December 11th, 2015.

Caputron Universal Strap

$25 off the Caputron Universal strap. Get it while you can, the number one strap in tDCS is discounted for a limited time.


Price drop of $75. FDA cleared stimulator for anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Check out the mindGear speciality site for more detailed information.


Price drop of $2. The best sticky electrodes around. The unique 2" circular design of the hydroPod allows for a better distribution of current by effectively eliminating current concentration at corners and so increasing comfort.

Caputron Amrex Style Electrode

Price drop of $4 on any size Caputron electrode. Newly released and starting at just $8, these Caputron electrodes are an excellent alternative to amrex electrodes.

Caputron Sponge Insert Replacement Pads

Price drop of $2 on any size Caputron sponge insert. These sponges currently come in the conventional 2x2 and 3x3 sizes. Special applies to Caputron Extra Absorbent Sponge Inserts as well. Caputron sponge insert replacments are compatable with amrex and mettler electrodes.

Caputron Activadose Starter Kit

Price drop of $20 on the Caputron Actviadose tDCS starter kit. This exclusive starter kit has everything you will need to optimize your medical grade iontophoresis device for tDCS.

Caputron Chattanooga Starter Kit

Price drop of $30 on the Caputron Chattanooga tDCS starter kit. This exclusive starter kit has everything you will need to optimize your iontophoresis device for tDCS. Add on an additional pair of electrodes to allow for independant dual channel stimulation.

Super Specific tDCS Kit

Price drop of $20 on any Super Specific tDCS Starter Kit. A quick seller, the selectable voltage model allows you to dial up your tDCS session at a comfortable level in addition to allowing you to experiment with tDCS montages involving higher resistances.

9V to 12V Adapter

Price drop of $4. Already own a brain stimulation device that isn't performing to expectations. Boost the voltage and overcome higher resistance montages with this 9V to 12V plug and play adapter. Battery included!

Apex tDCS Device

Price drop of $10 on both the Apex standalone device and the Apex ultimate bundle. Get yours while supplies last.

Cognitive Kit tDCS Device

Price drop of $20 on the cognitive kit, now shipping with Caputron Amrex Style Electrodes.

Amrex Electrode

Price drop of $4 on any size Amrex electrode.

Amrex Sponge Insert

Price drop of $4 on any size Amrex electrode.

Caputron Banana Lead Cable

Price drop of $1. High quality banana lead wire with common H3.8 connection. Compatable with more iontophoresis and TENS devices. Elimiate the need for pin to banana adapters.

Caputron Banana Pin Cable

Price drop of $1. These Caputron pin lead wires are high quality cables engineered to meet a market need, these cables connect directly to most iontophoresis and TENS stimulators and allow the use of pin connection electrodes such as the Caputron hydroPod or Electric Owl pin electrode.

*Free shipping in the U.S. only and does not apply to research devices or freight orders. Promotion will begin at midnight (EST) 11/26/15 and run until 3AM (EST) 12/1/15. Discounted shipping rates available for international locations, email us at to receive pricing (prices will be honored if customer email is received before promotion ends).