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NeuroSoft TMS
NeuroSoft TMS

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NeuroSoft TMS



  • Advanced Pulse Waveform Control: Biphasic, Theta-Burst (TBS), Paired Stimulation
  • Up to 20 Hz stimulation with 100% intensity
  • High-performance Cooling: up to 10,000 pulses during one session
  • Up to 4 Tesla peak magnetic field 
  • Range of application specific coils (non-cooled, cooled, placebo)

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The NeuroSoft TMS stimulator is FDA cleared for the treatment of depression. All products carry the CE mark, comply with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and are manufactured under a Quality System certified to ISO 13485.

Caputron and NeuroSoft Bring You Reliability and Value

Caputron is committed to providing our customers with the best quality and value in neuromodulation including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Our NeuroSoft TMS products come from a leader in the development and manufacture of devices for TMS. The first NeuroSoft stimulator was created in 1996. Now with almost 20 years of continuous development, NeuroSoft TMS devices are defined by cutting- edge-features, reliability, and value providing simple controls and connection to computer with USB.

Thousands of NeuroSoft machines are being operated in scientific laboratories, neurological clinics and psychiatric clinics in the US and internationally. With a reputation for reliability and ease-of- use, these products should be your first choice with NeuroSoft providing the best combination of quality and value.

Principles of TMS

The principle of therapeutic magnetic stimulation is based on the following. The magnetic stimulator uses the magnetic pulses of short duration. The emerging high-intensity electromagnetic field easily penetrates through skin, cranium bones and soft tissues. As the result the electrical current is induced within the cortex. This electrical current can modulate activity and excitability of cortex for period of time exceeding the stimulation session time. This modulation has proven therapeutic effect that has been FDA cleared for depression.

Every NeuroSoft TMS stimulator is designed for rigor and reliability from the ground up. And NeuroSoft TMS stimulators overcome major isues encountered with other TMS stimulators, incuduing high-performance cooling. NeuroSoft software completes the ultimate solution in TMS technologies and can be readily combined with imaging software.

Core Features

 20 Hz Stimulation with 100% Intensity, 100 Hz stimulation with minimal loss

NeuroSoft TMS stimulators guarantee performance even when increasing intensity is used in the most effective clinical protocols. NeuroSoft TMS performs stimulation at 0 to 20 Hz with maximal intensity, 50 Hz stimulation with 50% intensity, 100 Hz stimulation with up to 30% intensity depending on the coil type. To achieve the therapeutic effect, repetitive TMS requires a number of pulses, with a given intensity applied at a target frequency. rTMS stimulators that fail to handle requirements compromise trial integrity, lead to increased cost and complexity, and put patients at risk.

 Peak Magnetic Field — up to 4 Tesla

The peak magnetic field of NeuroSoft TMS reaches 4 T. Patients suffering from brain function disorders may have decreased motor cortex excitability.To ensure the desired stimulation effect, it is required to perform high-intensity stimulation. Using NeuroSoft device you can achieve such intensities. This means NeuroSoft TMS is the only stimulator you will need.

 High-performance Cooling: up to 10,000 Pulses During One Session

One of the problems of magnetic stimulation is quick overheating of coils during the treatment sessions. With other TMS systems, overheating will suddenly interrupt stimulation compromising treatment integrity and causing delays. extreme overheating can lead to device failure putting subjects at risk. NeuroSoft engineers designed a special cooling unit and cooled coils to solve this problem. The unit allows continuous operation up to 10,000 pulses without overheating. Practically, it means that the stimulator can operate for hours without overheating. This means you can use a single NeuroSoft TMS stimulation and coil even under heavy use as opposed to needing multiple machines and coils.

 Intelligent Reporting and Records

Setup patient treatment plans with ease with built in template protocols that are FDA indicated for major depressive disorder. Neuro-MS.NET Software to Control Magnetic Stimulator. Neuro-MS.NET software allows you to customize any stimulation algorithms. A single software keeps patient database, controls the stimulation courses and sessions. For clinical treatment this means there is no need to search in books and articles to find the stimulation parameters for treatment of depression, you just select the FDA cleared treatment protocals and start the stimulation. For research studies this means a simple, fast and reliable method to program the stimulator to your unique needs.

 Clincally Proven

Click here to read more about rTMS clinical studies and how they can effectively combat depression. (Coming Soon - Articles Being Uplodaed)

 Modular and Portable Design

Unlike the competition our TMS device can fit in your car and be moved from room to room with ease.

 The Soft rTMS Approach

With higher pulse rates enabling shorter treatment times and patented cooling technology our rTMS stimulators were designed for superior patient comfort

Main Components of NeuroSoft TMS Stimulator

Main Components of Neruo-MS/D


NeuroSoft Coils

Neuro-MS.NET Software

This software allows keeping the patient database, detecting motor response threshold, controlling the stimulation courses and sessions. A user can perform the stimulation according to already specified stimulation programs and also create own ones or edit the available stimulation programs. The device can be both equipped with common computer and specialized one with touchscreen interface. Neuro-MS.NET is specially adapted finger-controlled software. It allows controlling the magnetic stimulator operation quickly and conveniently.

Users and Demonstration

Notable Users


Transcranial magnetic stimulation is the process of performing painless focused stimulation of various brain regions. Though a specialist performing TMS may have considerable knowledge of brain anatomy and the shape of the magnetic field induced by the coil, the stimulation remains blind TMS navigation system provides thecopportunity to the stimulated brain region.

The visor2™ neuronavigation system with integrated EMG, is 100% compatible with the NeuroSoft TMS magnetic stimulator and provides a complete set of highly sophisticatved tools for TMS procedures in research and clinical environments. Its well thought-out interoperable software packages have been designed to suit every user's needs, both novice and advanced.Visor2 navigation system works extremely well with the NeuroSoft TMS magnetic stimulator. The stimulator is connected to the system through a trigger input, so it can “inform” the system when a user send stimulus to coil. At that moment the system starts EMG acquisition (if EMG system is connected) and marks the stimulated point on 3D brain map on the screen.

Practical Application of TMS Navigation System

For researches:

  • in studies of magnetic stimulation influence on various brain areas
  • in studies of brain‘s plasticity

In practical medicine:

  • for the performing of rTMS treatment with high accuracy localization of stimulation area
  • for the mapping of motor brain areas at tumors (tumor can displace the motor area by a distance of up to several centimeters (TMS with navigation allows to define the location of new motor area)
  • for the research of brain plasticity after strokes


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NeuroSoft TMS

NeuroSoft TMS

  • Advanced Pulse Waveform Control: Biphasic, Theta-Burst (TBS), Paired Stimulation
  • Up to 20 Hz stimulation with 100% intensity
  • High-performance Cooling: up to 10,000 pulses during one session
  • Up to 4 Tesla peak magnetic field 
  • Range of application specific coils (non-cooled, cooled, placebo)

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